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Nick Gamer: "Walkthrough The SquarePants Mysteries!"

New chapters and new tips! NickGamer has all you need to solve the newest SquarePants Mysteries!

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  • SpongeBob's Photo Shoot!

    SpongeBob's Photo Shoot!

    What's yellow and has holes in it? Say cheese!

  • Barnacle Face/Pet Sitter Pat

    SpongeBob SquarePants: "Barnacle Face/Pet Sitter Pat"

    Mr. Krabs asks SpongeBob to help Pearl get rid of a barnacle on her face. SpongeBob celebrates his Grandma's birthday while Patrick takes care of Gary.

  • Plankton's Evil Plan

    Plankton's Diary: Plankton's Evil Plan

    Deep down, maybe Plankton isn't that evil after all....

  • (AD) Spongebob Moves In

    (AD) NickGamer: Spongebob Moves In

    Dive in to Spongebob Moves in and build your own Bikini Bottom!

  • Are We There Yet

    SpongeBob SquarePants: "Are We There Yet"

    Trust us SpongeBob, we haven't even moved yet.

  • Learn the Song of SpongeBob!

    Learn the Song of SpongeBob!

    Grab ye hornpipes 'n get ready to sing-a-long t' this classic SpongeBob tune!

  • Going for a Ride

    SpongeBob SquarePants: "Going for a Ride"

    Mr. Krabs sends Plankton on one incredible ride he'll never forget!

  • SpongeBob SquarePants: "Green with Envy""

    SpongeBob SquarePants: "Safe Deposit Krabs: Green with Envy"

    Mr. Krabs is going absolutely crazy about the free money the bank is giving away!

  • How to Run a Successful Business

    How to Run a Successful Business

    Follow these few simple suggestions and you'll be well on your way to running a successful business!

  • Squidward's Greatest Hits

    Squidward's Greatest Hits

    Feast your ears on Squidward's crabbiest, crustiest and most melancholy melodies!

  • SpongeBob's Road Trip Song

    SpongeBob's Road Trip Song

    SpongeBob and friends sing-a-long to this awesome new road trip tune!

  • SpongeBob in a Minute: Band Geeks

    SpongeBob in a Minute: Band Geeks

    Watch this full episode of one minute and seven seconds!

  • Epic Fails: SpongeBob Sports

    NickGamer Epic Fails: SpongeBob Sports

    Let's see just how athletic our good friend SpongeBob can be.

  • Pie

    SpongeBob SquarePants: "Pie"

    SpongeBob and Patrick need to find who took their home-made pie.

  • SquareBob SpongeMix!

    SquareBob SpongeMix!

    SpongeBob and friends are remixed into some fresh Bikini Bottom beats!

  • Plankton's Diary: Evil Laugh

    Plankton's Diary: Evil Laugh

    Plankton's hard at work testing out a few new options for his devilishly evil laugh!

  • Patrick's Top 4 Brainfarts!

    Patrick's Top 4 Brainfarts!

    Patrick may be our favorite star, but sometimes he's just not the brightest fish in the sea...

  • Plankton's Diary: Karen

    Plankton's Diary: Karen

    Even evil Plankton's got a soft spot for this digital dreamboat!

  • SquishBob StretchPants

    SquishBob StretchPants

    Watch SpongeBob put his stretch to the test and squeeze himself out of some silly situations!

  • Me Money

    SpongeBob Squarepants: "Me Money"

    Mr. Krabs can't find his money! Will he find the culprit?

  • SpongeBob's Return to Monster Island

    NickGamer: Return to Monster Island

    Get some great inside tips on how to rock SpongeBob's newest game "Return to Monster Island."