Spongebob Games

Sports Games (19)
  • Spring Training

    Spring Training

    Spring is here so help SpongeBob get in some Spring Training!

  • Bait Lifting

    Bait Lifting

    This Super Spongy Square Game will test your strength and balance. Bait-er of been practicing!

  • Thumb Wrestling

    Thumb Wrestling

    This Super Spongy Square Game will push your thumb to the limits. It gets 2 thumbs up!

  • Trench Diving

    Trench Diving

    This Super Spongy Square Game will test your deep diving abilities. Dive on in!

  • Hook Jumping

    Hook Jumping

    This Super Spongy Square Games will keep you light on your toes. It brings new meaning to off the hook.

  • Nick Dodgers

    Nick Dodgers

    Get ready because this game is a ball...Dodgeball!

  • The Super Spongy Square Games

    The Super Spongy Square Games

    Are you ready for the ultimate competition? Let the Super Spongy Square Games begin!

  • Pro Sk8r

    Pro Sk8r

    Don't hate the skate...participate! Test your sk8r skills and see if you can hang with the pros.

  • Nick Racers

    Nick Racers

    Now featuring Tori Vega from Victorious!

  • Skater Sponge

    Skater Sponge

    He's just a Skater Sponge, what more can we say?

  • Soccer Shoot Out

    Soccer Shoot Out

    Shinguards are not required to enjoy this game.

  • SnowShredder


    Dude, you will not be BOARD with this game!

  • Surfing Showdown

    Surfing Showdown

    Bring on the mad surfing skills in this game.

  • Gnarly Rip Curl

    Gnarly Rip Curl

    Shoot the pipe or feel the STING in this game!

  • SpongeBob vs. The Big One

    SpongeBob vs. The Big One

    Duuuuude...biggest...wave...EVER! Wax up and play NOW!

  • Slammin' Sluggers

    Slammin' Sluggers

    Swing for the fences with SpongeBob and Patrick!

  • Avalanche at Plankton's Peak

    Avalanche at Plankton's Peak

    SpongeBob's in a mountain of trouble...and only YOU can help!

  • B.C. Bowling

    B.C. Bowling

    Rock 'n BOWL with this prehistoric cave sponge!