• Slimeball


    Get Slimed or go home! Slime down your opponents to become MVP of the arena.

  • Nickelodeon Soccer Stars

    Nickelodeon Soccer Stars

    GET IN THE GAME! Face off against opponents as your fave characters and go for the championship!

  • Bikini Bottom Bop 'Em

    Bikini Bottom Bop 'Em

    Bop 'em, bash 'em, poke 'em, tap 'em! Let Plankton have some fun with his latest invention.

  • Super Brawl 3

    Super Brawl 3

    Brawl is BACK! What side are you on? Good vs Evil, play now.

  • SpongeBob You're Fired!

    SpongeBob You're Fired!

    Put your Krabby Patty-flipping skills to the test!

Spongebob Games

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  • A Log Way From Home

    A Log Way From Home

    You don't need to LOG in to LOG out in this game.

  • SpongeBob Triviatorium

    SpongeBob Triviatorium

    Are you SpongeBob savvy? Test your knowledge in the all-new SpongeBob Triviatorium!

  • Hurricane Havoc

    Hurricane Havoc

    SpongeBob rides out a storm on a soap bubble blimp.

  • I Love SpongeBob

    I Love SpongeBob

    Bikini Bottom has a whole lotta love for SpongeBob this Valentine's Day.

  • Legends of Bikini Bottom

    Legends of Bikini Bottom

    Be legendary! Play the Legends of Bikini Bottom game now.

  • RoboShot


    Put a stop to Plankton's plot by playing RoboShot?

  • SpongeBob Triviatorium

    SpongeBob Triviatorium

    How well do you know SpongeBob? Test your smarts here.

  • Bait Lifting

    Bait Lifting

    This Super Spongy Square Game will test your strength and balance. Bait-er of been practicing!

  • Thumb Wrestling

    Thumb Wrestling

    This Super Spongy Square Game will push your thumb to the limits. It gets 2 thumbs up!

  • Trench Diving

    Trench Diving

    This Super Spongy Square Game will test your deep diving abilities. Dive on in!

  • Hook Jumping

    Hook Jumping

    This Super Spongy Square Games will keep you light on your toes. It brings new meaning to off the hook.

  • Nick Dodgers

    Nick Dodgers

    Get ready because this game is a ball...Dodgeball!

  • The Super Spongy Square Games

    The Super Spongy Square Games

    Are you ready for the ultimate competition? Let the Super Spongy Square Games begin!

  • Bubble Bros

    Bubble Bros

    It's Bros' against foes! Bubble those bad guys into oblivion!

  • Mystery Train

    Mystery Train

    All aboard the Oceanic Express! Next!

  • Pro Sk8r

    Pro Sk8r

    Don't hate the skate...participate! Test your sk8r skills and see if you can hang with the pros.

  • Chop Chef

    Chop Chef

    Play SpongeBob Squarepants: Chop Chef Free Online Now - SpongeBob Games! Can you make the cut and become Chop Chef?

  • Gary's Revenge

    Gary's Revenge

    Can you survive the Puffy Fluffies?!