• The Goo From Goo Lagoon

    The Goo From Goo Lagoon

    Level 6 UNLOCKED! Help Spongebob solve the mystery behind the toxic goo.

  • SpongeBob You're Fired!

    SpongeBob You're Fired!

    Put your Krabby Patty-flipping skills to the test! Sponsored by Nintendo.

  • Prank You Very Much

    Prank You Very Much

    Your fav Nick characters are playing jokes. Join them and get your prank on!

  • SpongeBob's Next Big Adventures

    SpongeBob's Next Big Adventures

    It's SpongeBob's NEXT big adventure? Are you READY?!

  • Boat-o-Cross 2

    Boat-o-Cross 2

    Are you ready for Boat-o-Cross 2? Get your balancing skills ready because this is going to be one difficult ride!

Spongebob Games

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  • Atlantis SquarePantis

    Atlantis SquarePantis

    Rev up the bus and head to Atlantis with SpongeBob and Patrick!

  • Boo or BOOM

    Boo or BOOM

    Help destroy Plankton's plan to ruin Halloween!

  • Reef Rumble

    Reef Rumble

    Square off with the citizens of Bikini Bottom in this sea-bottom battle!

  • 3D Powerkart Grand Prix

    3D Powerkart Grand Prix

    Rev your engines for this rip-roarin' 3D SpongeBob racer!

  • Plankton's Fun House

    Plankton's Fun House

    Build, post and play your own levels in this SpongeBob game!

  • Krusty Bottom Weekly

    Krusty Bottom Weekly

    Snap shots of Bikini Bottom's most embarrassing moments!

  • Dutchman's Dash

    Dutchman's Dash

    Play as SpongeBob or Patrick and SAVE GARY!!!

  • Friend or Foe

    Friend or Foe

    Plankton and Krabs...PALS??? Play this UNTHINKABLE game!

  • SpongeBob SnowPants!

    SpongeBob SnowPants!

    Help SpongeBob make snowmen...and put Plankton on ice!

  • Plankton's Pernicious Plot

    Plankton's Pernicious Plot

    Plankton is up to NO GOOD and only YOU can stop him! Play now!

  • Patty Panic

    Patty Panic

    Cook up some arcade action and thwart Plankton's goons!

  • Delivery Dilemma

    Delivery Dilemma

    Help SpongeBob make it to the Krusty Krab in one piece!

  • Pyramid Peril

    Pyramid Peril

    Hop, skip and jump SpongeBob to safety!

  • Sea Monster Smoosh

    Sea Monster Smoosh

    Help SpongeBob flush out some undersea monstrosities!

  • Deep Sea Smashout

    Deep Sea Smashout

    Help SpongeBob and Gary SMASH their way off the sea floor!

  • Ship o' Ghouls

    Ship o' Ghouls

    Help SpongeBob escape the haunted Flying Dutchman!

  • The Best Day Ever

    The Best Day Ever

    Help SpongeBob stage the greatest show on the sea floor!

  • Bikini Bottom Carnival Part Three

    Bikini Bottom Carnival Part Three

    NINE SpongeBob Carnival games, all in one place!